New Years 2015
One of the top New Year’s resolutions, according to Twitter is to find ways to unplug from our smart phones, tablets and other technological devices.
Our digital usage is invading every area of our life – according to a recent Time Magazine survey, 84% said they could not go a single day without their cellphones.
As we enter 2015 it’s important for us to remember that it’s our digital habits, not our digital devices that are the problem. A student shared with me that he spent the majority of his teen years in front of a computer, which he now regrets because instead of making friends and having real life experiences he used technology as a substitute.
I like to say artificial intelligence is just that it’s “artificial”. Virtual is not the same as “real” life. Let’s not look back at 2015 and have digital regret.

We all can strive to have better digital habits. Here are some examples:
• No smartphones or tablets in the bedroom.
• No use of devices during meal times.
• No pulling out your phone during a conversation.
• No texting and driving.
I love working with college students because I learn so much from them. One student stated, “The Internet is a wonderful and efficient way to stay connected with people you cannot be with or see as often as you would like. It’s full of different search engines that produce answers to questions in a number of milliseconds, but like any good thing if you use too much of it, it isn’t good anymore.”
We will no doubt make many technological advances in 2015 and I am all for taking these steps forward, I’m just proposing we take a few steps backward with our humanity. Back to face-to-face conversations and real life engagement because as a society if we keep looking down how can we move forward?