Discover How Technology is Changing Us. And What We Can Do.

With the latest research supporting them, Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd uncover both the subtle and the dramatic ways digital technology is changing us from within, focusing their exposé on the impact on the spiritual life of individuals. Through insights from neuroscience and psychology, they offer readers therapeutic and biblical strategies for handling the digital invasion in order to become good stewards of their digital lives. Parents, educators, students, counselors, and pastors will especially appreciate this cultural wake-up call.

“Finally, a powerful, well-researched book that helps us grapple with and respond to the digital-tsunami that’s swept over us.”
– Chap Clark, author of Hurt 2.0; senior editor, YouthWorker Journal

Arch picI am Dr. Archibald Hart, a Clinical Psychologist and also a techno- geek.

I am a Digital Immigrant but have become an enthusiastic adopter and have embraced technology and enjoy it immensely. But, I am concerned that we are unaware of the many ways that technology is shaping our brains and our most important relationships. We hope you will find articles and links here that will educate, inform and equip you to live in this digital age.

sylvia-frejd-3I join my father Dr. Archibald Hart in writing this book and am passionate about how our digital technology is threatening our relationships and our well-being. If we are honest most of us have become digital addicts. Our book offers insight and strategies to put technology in its place. Join our challenge to become a good steward of your digital life.

Watch Dr. Hart speaking at the Liberty University Convo on the Digital Invasion.  April 2012.

Listen to Caitlan’s digital addiction story.

“A groundbreaking, desperately needed, and long overdue cultural wake-up call that contains invaluable information that you’ve probably never heard before— information that you need to know for yourself and for those you love and serve.”
Gary J Oliver, Executive Director, Center for Relationship Enrichment; professor, John Brown University

Listen to a radio interview with Dr. Tim Clinton of Life Love and Family.

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Listen to Dr. Arch Hart and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd on Focus on the Family