“I am addicted I can’t live without my digital gadgets!”

It was an unpleasant surprise to realize that I am in a state of constant distraction, as if my real life and my virtual life were coexisting in different planes, but in equal time.”

“Who am I when I’m not plugged in?”

“It was amazing to me how easily programmed my fingers are to instantly type F-A-C-E in the search bar. It’s now muscle memory, or instinctual, to log into Facebook as the first step of Internet browsing.”

“I felt lonely without multimedia I arrived at the conclusion that media is a great companion.”

“After 15 minutes without using media, my sole feeling about this can be expressed in one word: boring.”

“What I mainly realized is that …when you really get off the media you realize how many quality things you can do.”

“I’ve lived with the same people for 3 years now, they’re my best friends, and I think that this is one of the best days we’ve spent together, I was able to really see them, without any distractions, and we were able to revert to simple pleasures.”

“Media has put us close to the people who are far away but has separated us from the ones who are nearby.”